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Improper Hoof Care

Horses are abundant on Native American reservations, yet there is often little to no care of horses’ legs, feet, and hoofs. Our courses are designed to teach horse owners and enthusiasts how to properly maintain horse’s health, so the horses can continue to be productive. With these efforts, poor nutrition and lameness can be controlled and/or eliminated. With a certificate from our courses, a student will be able to maintain his/her own horse or pursue part-time work as a farrier.

There are three kinds of cruelty towards horses:

  1. Cruelty for the sake of cruelty
  2. Cruelty for the sake of custom or fashion
  3. Cruelty caused by lack of knowledge and understanding

What does a good horse care mean?

  • Freedom from thirst, hunger and malnutrition by ready access to fresh water and a proper diet to maintain full health and vigor
  • Freedom from discomfort by providing a suitable environment including shelter and comfortable rest area
  • Freedom from pain, injury and disease by practicing prevention and quick diagnosis and treatment
  • Freedom to express normal animal behavior by providing sufficient space, proper facilities and company of other animals of its own kind
  • Freedom from fear and distress by assuring that living conditions don;t contribute to mental suffering