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Our Purpose


In 1987, the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Assn. reported that American Horse owners lose $500 million to lameness-related problems every year. The evidence further suggests the dollar figure is increasing.

Incorrect hoof balance and angulation, insufficient frog size and inadequate sole thickness are among the major causes of lameness, as has been well documented for centuries.

Application of unproven theories of hoof maintenance continues to harm horses, keeping them from fulfilling their athletic potential. Hoof gauges offer a proven way to easily and scientifically achieve hoof preparation standards that maintain normal gait and prevent lameness.

The Purpose of Native American Horse Education Foundation:

  • Furthering the self-sustaining nature of the American Frontier
  • Teach young Native Americans to take pride in their horses
  • Teach Native Americans the importance of the correct horseshoeing
  • Nurture Native American youth self-confidence
  • Create a sustainable income for our students
  • Encouraging trade on the reservations
  • Teaching youth self-sufficiency
  • Empowering Native American youth with knowledge of horses’ anatomy, nutrition and proper care
  • Combat lameness among reservation horses
  • Reduce the number of neglected and abused animals

Please consider supporting the Native American Horse Education Foundation.