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Testimonial from a student – Keno Mecham

From: Keno Mecham Date: May 16, 2016 at 11:27:34 AM MST
To: “”

I attended Tucson School of Horseshoeing April 6th, 2015 through May 30th, 2015 for their eight-week course. I never thought I could learn as much as I did from George and I defiantly think he is the go to man for any questions when it comes to the horses foot and shoeing it whether it be a lame horse that needs corrective or therapeutic shoeing or trimming or a completely sound horse that just needs to have a nice shoeing done on it to keep it sound. George was always there to answer any of my questions from the foot to building handmade shoes or just making modifications to shoes and I don’t think that there was a question that I asked that he didn’t know the answer to and he made sure I understood the answer and the reasoning behind it.

Keno Mecham